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Subject: :: Please read Group tips::
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toddster 7/10/2006 - 3:49:33
Due to the groups area of prodigits being still in the beta phase of construction some of the features may still be unusable so most of my animations are in the links part of this group if you have any jpegs you want uploading please feel free to upload them ,any1 who uploads sucessfuly could you please leave a message in the description box when uploading stating the make ,model & browser of phone you used just so we can see which phone combo works better thanks dance2.GIF *

toddster 7/12/2006 - 5:31:44
When uploading or linking any item of digital media could all uploaders please use this method so it makes it easier for others to search the files or links out thanks, when you write the title of a file or name of a link please add the tag in brackets at the begining of each new link. FILE tags:(gif)- gif anims, (jpg) - jpeg image, (png) - png image file, (mp3) - mp3 file, (amr) - amr file, (mmf)- samsung tone, (mid)- midi tone, (wav) - wav tone file, (mp4) - mp4 vid file, (3gp) - vid file, (divx) - divx vid file, (smt) - smart movie, (avi) - vid file, (mpg) - mpeg vid file, (swf) - flash file, (jav) - java file. LINK tags: (wap)- wap access only via phone, (web) - net access only via pc,(fam) - good for all ages, (13+) good for teens, (18+) good for adults. If theres a file type tag that ive missed please leave a reply below thanks ,this rule is used for all of my groups too. *

toddster 7/26/2006 - 9:49:42
the files which are allowed to be uploaded via your phone or pc are jpg,gif, photo.GIF3gp,(video)mid,amr,(audio)thm,(theme file)....to be able to upload you must use either a web/wap browser such as firefox or opera on your pc or using netfront or similar browser on your smartphones (nokia 7610/n80/d500/spv etc) most older phones (pre 2004) wont be able to use the upload function. if you want to submit items via email so i can then upload please send your mms or emails to oggtronix@bluebottle.com & also inbox me on here so i can download asap ,max file size 350kb *

toddster 8/17/2006 - 5:43:00
or if you have pc internet access & want to upload files of up to 50mb in size why not try uploading files to a host server such as http://www.fsphost.com or http://filelodge.com & then put the link to the file in a topic or the links section ,any size file or format can be added this way but please state the size of the file thank you. *

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